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Wildlife photography is a type of meditation itself : Ishtiyaq Ahmed

  • December 13, 2018


Is a experienced and superb Wildlife photographer .He via his versatile images of wildlife is making kashmir. In an exclusive interview talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.

Q1:- Tell us about your academic life?
Ans:- I earned my post graduate degree in Radiation sciences From Kasturba Medical College .While my education exposed me to the physics in medicine and biology, modern technology and research in advanced medical imaging, the rest of my education was how to serve human life. I certainly learned things outside of the classroom including time management, how to work with your team and how to be intrinsically motivated.
Q2:-How did you got inclined towards photography?

Ans:- A decade ago , looking for a hobby I bought a basic digital camera and I focused on night landscape photography. Shooting Landscapes during the night can make a stunning photos. I was overwhelmed by the cameras ability to capture the most minute details and the most intense colors. A few years later I discovered the world of bird photography and I outfitted myself with the best possible camera gear for small fast moving subjects .It didn’t take long until i expanded my focus to all wildlife.
“ MY LIFE’S ITINERARY IS SET BY NATURE’S BEAT.” I work out the best times to photograph a subject and organise my life around that with a deep commitment to conservation.
Q3:-What motivated you to choose wildlife photography as a passion?

Ans:- Once I realised that I had never truly used my eyes until I found these wild creatures all of which live within our surroundings .As we all know our state has a rich bio-diversity with Alpine forests , Himalayan moist temperate forests, Himalayan dry temperate forests, Subtropical pine forests, Subtropical dry deciduous forests Minor forest type and then we have wetlands more than 50. Imagine how much we have missed, neglecting to stop and share a moment with these beautiful species that share the same home we call planet earth. Wildlife photography makes me happy .It excites me and gets me out of bed at 3 am in the morning. So I think wildlife photography is a type of meditation itself.
Q4:-what is the scope of wildlife photography?

Ans:- Wildlife photographers provide publications with images of animals, plants and environments from across the globe, although some self-publish as independent artists. In addition to understanding photographic techniques and methods, they must also comprehend the subjects of their images. This sounds easy but believe me it is very hard to do so .My personal advice is keep it a passionate hobby only.
Q5:-What tips you want to give young wildlife photographers?

Ans:- Try to understand the wildlife as much as possible. Research the animal behaviour as much as possible so that you can try to understand it. This will enable you to increase your chances of being in the right place at the right time. You can also try to utilise local knowledge about where you can find certain species.
Secondly, you almost always need a good deal of patience when photographing animals in the wild. They are inherently unpredictable and you often need to wait for the right situations to arise.
Practice as much as possible and to really try to hone your skills.
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Q6:- What is Your career goals?
Ans:- I want to create opportunities for others and take control .Off course I have primary and secondary goals .Recently I have started a photographic firm which sells wildlife photography accessories, kids event and offers wildlife tours across india. The basic vision behind this mission is conservation of our forests and wildlife. Whatever money we will earn would be used to plant new saplings, stop illegal trade of wood smuggling, and legal actions against land mafia and corrupted wildlife employees.

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