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War is Curse : Pakistan PM Imran Khan

  • February 27, 2019

Islamabad, February 27 : Prime Minister Imran Khan today again offered talks with India and said better sense should prevail between both the countries.

“Let us open the corridor of negotiations and settle all outstanding issues,” Imran Khan said in an address to nation today.

“We offered India every possible support into the investigation into the Pulwama attack. That’s not in Pakistan’s interest to promote terrorism. It is not in the interest of Pakistan that its soil should be used for exporting terror. Similarly, Pakistani soil cannot be subjected to terror,” Imran Khan said.

“No sovereign country can allow another country to become judge, jury and executioners. Therefore I prompted India in case of aggression, we would have no option but to respond,” he said.

“After India’s provocation, Pakistan shot down two Indian Air Force plane today. We ensured no casualties and no collateral damage in the operations we undertook. The intent was to show India, we can and would respond if aggression would be thrust upon us,” he added.

“If you can enter our country, we can also enter your territory. Two Indian MiGs who entered Pakistani airspace today after our retaliation were shot down. But where do we go from here?” he asked.-

He added that there has been a miscalculation in most of the wars, the war on terror that taken 17 years already.

“We didn’t take action yesterday morning because we didn’t know the full extent of damage. Otherwise it would have been irresponsible. That’s why we waited,” he explained.

PM Imran said “Our plan from the start has been no casualties for India. The purpose was just to show India that if they can enter our space, we can too.”

“The problem is, where do we go from here? It is crucial that India uses sense,” he asserted.

“My question to the Indian government is that with the weapons you and we have can we afford a miscalculation? If it escalates from here where will it go? It won’t be in Modi’s or my control. I once again invite you to dialogue. Let me say again that better sense should prevail. We should resolve our problems through dialogue,” he asserted.

“We should sit down and talk about differences,” he said.

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