Give Peace a Chance

Give Peace a Chance


By: Farzana Mumtaz

Peace as we know commonly know refers to the absence of pain, violence and hostility in society. It refers to an serene, healthy  environment that is characterized by strong interpersonal and international relationships, acknowledgment of equality  and fairness etc.

Peace is especially important in today’s competitive globe .Without peace no constructive development is possible. In our part of the world, the people of South Asia especially Jammu&  Kashmir over the past few decades have continuously felt the greatest hurt and brunt on account of absence of peace.

Peace needs to be given a chance in South Asia as War has already wrecked havoc since its inception and brutalized mankind. Today the simmering tensions between India and Pakistan coupled with deadly skirmishes are giving sleepless nights to voices of sanity in both countries.

Kashmir has been the worst victim of hostilities between India and Pakistan. We have seen suffering like hell in past so many decades and as a result it has turned Kashmir in to a scared place and lost charm. Dead bodies, funerals, burning hamlets, blood on street has defined the life in Kashmir. Violence be it perpetuated by the state or non state forces is bad.

Pakistan should behave as a nice neighbor and not let anti India groups flourish or foment trouble against India and provide them with no support or platform. On the other hand, the Indian State should as a democratic country deeply introspect its failures in Kashmir that made a peace loving nation of Kashmir to resort to gun movement and protests  as the state failed to solve the Kashmir conflict democratically either by democratic means  or meaningful dialogue with concerned parties and thus end pain of Kashmir .

Peace in South Asia can be achieved when we also acknowledge  the importance of having  intra-regional dialogue,  tourism and increased exchanges, particularly among the youth, civil society and enhance cultural, people to people ties.

For the  better future of region the  concept of peace should not only be propounded but given a chance on ground zero and only then South Asia will achieve real prosperity. The walls of hatred should be shattered and get replaced by bonds of love and friendship.

Every rationale, logical and sane voice cries loudly in these times of gloom when war has annihilated global humanity that give peace a chance for the better world.


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