Education Administrative Silence – Unexplained Stress

Education Administrative Silence – Unexplained Stress


By Shaheen Shifaie

Education needs reformers and reformers are to be chosen on merits of dimensional velocity of their educational background and services rendered with an aptitude of understanding overall scenario of any given situation. Though the things might be happening under the banner of our umbrella as per the merits but yet the communication gaps remain as a question mark on the faces of every conflicted soul. Unimagined disturbances those create and add again salt to the wounds of students need an immediate attention of the higher authorities to desist from the practices of adding miseries, mental agonies, stress and doubted caliber s with delayed tactics and communications.

Since the students of 10th & 12th standards had to appear for their examinations, the axed reluctance of their conflicted silence could not be broken by the any corner at the governing levels. The innocent faces of children were in dilemma and distress. Perhaps the hard work and delayed communication had already made them to bleed within. Souls those could not utter a word but made their parents to assess and analyze their inner pains those spelled hundreds of stories around. The conflicted could not even get a single word of nourishment to encourage and redesign the wards muscles to relax under the banner of educational authorities. The candles of hard work at the hands of delayed appearances ultimately had chaos, confusion and restlessness. Parents were helpless and shattered souls at the hands of communication gaps had created the novels of unimaginable disaster. The souls those need nourishment under stressful circumstances were put to practice overburdened axes of unnourished system.

Under the banner of intellectuality, if such practices emerge as mirror of administrative negligence, then of course the system needs to be strengthened. This definitely shall need noble and rational administrative calibers to lessen the burden of such youth who have to grow and are to be nourished with a systematic encouragement and management to settle their future. Though parents ran from door to door via mobile services to hear a word to sooth their wards but were left with no option other than to wait and watch colourless umbrella under which every parent and kid had to share agonies of educational system. Nevertheless, parents too had an option to hear examinations being held as per schedule but delayed communication made the things worse for the children who suffered under mastered education system that needs a change for the sake of change. Ultimately, the interventional appearance of Kashmir Crown News Item gave every conflicted soul a sigh of relief to night but kids had already suffered at the hands of insensitivity of education administrative silence that had punched every face with unexplained stress.


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