Thursday, 18 April 2019

Kashmiri Travelers Complain Harassment at Airports across India

  • December 13, 2018


KMW Correspondent

Kashmiris traveling to various parts of India are consistently facing harassment at the hands of airport security. CISF, a paramilitary forces, manages the security of most of the airports across India. Kashmiri fliers have been registering frequent complaints about how they have to face harsh security checks that often border on humiliation and physical inconvenience.

Just a few days back at Amritsar airport a passenger was forced to present his Aadhar card and told that kashmir based press card is not worth anything that too when it is of Kashmir based media organization .
Not this but the frisking by CISF of Kashmir passengers on Amritsar and other airports is quite humiliating and all this is irking kashmiri passengers.

“We do not deserve this much of humiliation, the CISF should be taught basic ethics as to how to deal with passengers from Kashmir in a civilized way.

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