Hilal War visits braid-chopping victim

Hilal War visits braid-chopping victim


Srinagar, October 17(KMW): Senior leader of All Parties Hurriyat Conference (M) and People’s Political Party (PPP) Chief, Engineer Hilal Ahmad War today visited the family of Monday’s braid chopping victim from Maisuma. In yet another case of braid-chopping, a widow mother of two was sprayed and her braid chopped off. Mr. War expressed his deep concern and anguish over the rising incidents of braid-chopping. He said our women can’t be terrorized and humiliated like this and that his party can launch an outright movement against it, if the incidents don’t stop. “This is an extremely serious matter and it’s an attack on the honour of the entire community. We can’t be cowed down by such tactics,” said Mr. War.

He said that it is the handiwork of the agencies but they can’t dent the resilience of the masses. “Government of India has to ultimately bow before the will of the people and such tactics aren’t going to work,” he said. Mr. War said such nefarious tactics are aimed at diverting the attention of the freedom-loving masses, so that they are caught up in issues like these and as a result stay away from various activities related to the movement of right to self-determination.

“We will launch an all-out campaign against such heinous tactics if it doesn’t stop soon,” said Mr. War.


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