Disastrous consequences if Article 35 A tinkered : Fayaz Bhat

Disastrous consequences if Article 35 A tinkered : Fayaz Bhat


Srinagar: August 05(KMW): Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Peace Foundation, Fayaz Ahmad Bhat held a meeting with youth leaders of Srinagar, Ganderbal and Budgam at State Head Office Peace Foundation, Sonwar. In the meeting, Bhat expressed concern over the fact that abolition of Article 35 (A) of the Constitution would lead to the end of state subject laws in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that abrogation of the contentious article would not only adversely impact the Kashmir Valley but Jammu and Ladakh regions as well.

While talking about the abolition of Article 35 A Bhat said, in case the law is done away with, that would dishonour the Union government’s promise to safeguard the special status of the state and the abolishing of the law would change the demographics of the state as it would pave the way for people from other states to settle in Jammu and Kashmir.

Bhat warned against abolishing the Article as it would destroy India’s fragile relationship with the state and would have grave consequences for J&K. He said the government of India must know that it isn’t the same Kashmir as before, any attempts to alter our constitutional status will be opposed tooth and nail.

Bhat added the overwhelming majority, in fact, every individual is emotionally attached to this law, it has become part of our psyche, and it has given us a sense of security. He said there is need to strengthen this sense of security in people if it is allowed to etherize from the public mind that obviously does not augur well for a society already is caught up in the caught in the morass of uncertainties and vulnerabilities.

Bhat said the abrogation of the Article 35A should be a rallying point for all the political formations, to whatever stream of politics they belong to, even it should be the cause of concern for everyone as the abrogation is the threat to the peace and security of our state and any infringement to the State Subject law will adversely affect people across the regional and ethnic dived.

Bhat added abrogation of the article has dangers of dispossessing the citizens of the state of their identity, roots, and land, taking toll of their trade, economy and business and above all changing the demography of the state.

Bhat stated that all political parties, social organisations, media and people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh should come forward and we have to fight unitedly and peacefully for our security and ethnic prestige .


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