Axing of mulberry tree angers Gawkadal residents

Axing of mulberry tree angers Gawkadal residents


Srinagar, June 11 : When the world is celebrating the environmental related realms in the month of June, the mulberry tree which is the symbol of Kashmir is being facing threat from several quarters. In a latest according to residents of Gowkadal a mulberry tree located near pump station is being axed.

Pertinently, the Sericulture Department has granted permission to one Ghulam Rasoool Bhat son of Ghulam Ahmad Bhat resident of Gowkadal to cut the mulberry tree.

A resident of the area, while talking to the Kashmir News Bureau stated: “ Mulberry tree is one of the vibrant symbols of our environment . At a time when the Jammu and Kashmir government is stating that it will plant more mulberry trees to boost the silk industry in our area a live mulberry tree bearing fruits is being cut down. With permission granted for the same it is shame the manner in which we treat our environment symbols.”

As a matter of fact several laws are in place in our state to protect the mulberry tree but despite that cutting down of mulberry tree raises many questions. (KNB)


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