Meet Dr. Abdul Bari Naik, Home Shalibugh most qualified candidate of 2014...

Meet Dr. Abdul Bari Naik, Home Shalibugh most qualified candidate of 2014 Kashmir Elections


KMW Exclusive
Dr. Abdul Bari Naik is probably among the most educated candidates in the upcoming Assembly Elections 2014 among all contestants of Jammu & Kashmir. Ph.D in Gegraphy Ph.D in Women Studies and grabbing globally famous awards in Geography for three successive years- Deccan Geographer Award (2007), Young Geographer Award in 2008 & 2009 and having UGC, NET (JRF) in Geography, Women Studies and Sociology, Dr. Abdul Bari Naik has achieved highest excellence in academic excellence .He has also served his people greatly via his social service and is candidate of Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) Lead by Engineer Rashid from his home constituency of Home Shalibugh in the Assembly Elections 2014 of Jammu & Kashmir State .
In an exclusive interview Dr.Abdul Bari Naik talks to Kashmir Media Watch.

How were you as a child and student?
I have always been a bright student since early days although I lost a bit of concentration in the 9th class to 12 th class but was able to still do better. I tried my luck bit in competitive exams but my ultimate aim was to achieve excellence in higher education.
What motivated you to have a doctorate in Geography?
As a subject, Geography was always my first love so did a PHD in the subject and I was also best geographer for several years in my institute at Hyderabad.
A bit about your PHD in Women Studies?
The issues and problems of women always appealed my insight so after doing GRF in Women Studies I did a PHD in this subject too.
Tell us bit about your PHD Topics?
It is just a research to innovate something better that can contribute in human betterment. My topics Tourism potential and its problems, Women education in Anantnag helped me to learn and innovate a lot.
What motivated you to enter world of polity?
I saw injustice both at individual and collective level. Despite being the only candidate with three GRFs and TWO PHD’s I was some years back not selected for Assistant Professor Post and a candidate on account of having political influence despite being very less qualified was selected. I have also seen injustice at societal level with my fellow community men and even widow funds are looted in our part of the world. All these veracities propelled me to join world of politics so that this rotten system can be changed .
Why you joined Awami Ittihaad Party led by Engineer Rashid?
I was inspired by Aaam Admi Party but its stand on Kashmir issue did not suit me. While as on the other Awami Ittihaad Party ( AIP) has a pro-kashmir stance when it comes to solve the Kashmir dispute and the right to self determination of kashmiri people . Engineer Rashid is my icon and hero on account of his vibrant attitude on burning problem of Kashmir and human rights violations faced by Kashmiris. Engineer Rashid has killed VIP culture and he is a great leader from all angles.
Your take on participation of poor in politics?
Poor are being grossly ignored in our political spectrum and traditional parties like NC, PDP, Congress and BJP are rotten by nepotism and only favour rich and it is our Awami Ittihaad Party that has come out shinning as displayed by mandates given to deserving candidates rather than powerful and rich.
What are your main election campaign issues as AIP Candidate from Home Shalibugh?
My top most priority is to ensure speedy rehabilitation of flood affected families and ensure a long lasting solution to issue of flood in our constituency as floods usually mar us. Ensuring meaningful avenues of employment, basic healthcare and education facilities are my priorities. Home shalibigh is among the most backward constituencies on account of lack of development as successive elected representatives have deeply ignored Homshalibugh. My another big concern remains to get Public Safety Acts completely lifted on more than 1200 boys of my constituency.
How would you ensure that you will change these grim realities?
I don’t need to give a certificate to my people as my bright Social work for several years bears testimony to the fact that I can act as positive agent of development for my people. Working on MNREGA , Unearthing scandals have been my forte.
Who is your main political opponent in terms of electoral contest ?
Actually, my main electoral battle is against People’s Democratic Party. National Conference local leadership did a lot to muzzle me by oppressive tactics but failed. Even the current PDP MLA has failed aspirations of people of Home Shalibugh in terms of overall predominance. All big parties have been rattled by my entry into electoral contest as I enjoy lot of public support.


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