Imran Khan is a man of principles: Maheen Jibran

Imran Khan is a man of principles: Maheen Jibran


Maheen Jibran is an eminent political voice belonging to Pakistan Tehreek -i – Insaf (PTI) and renowned Defense Analyst of Pakistan. In an exclusive interview with The Kashmir Media Watch, Maheen Jibran talks to Rameez Makhdoomi

How do you view the operation ZarBeAzb conducted by Pakistan Army?
ZarBeAzb is a step taken by the government of Pakistan to wipe out all kinds of terrorism, which has defamed our religion as well as country. It’s a step to reestablish peace in our country which is in the favor of South Asia. It was a much needed operation to clean all sorts of mess created by extremists in the name of Islam.
Your take on link between policies of Zia ul Haq and current turbulent scenario in Pakistan?
I don’t think the policies of Ex. President Zia ul Haq as a reason behind Extremism in Pakistan. He acquired a good decision according to that time, and currently in 2014 generation of that time is not in a position to implement those policies.
How crucial is operation in North Wazristan for Pakistan?
A surgical procedure in North Waziristan is a bit crucial as compared to other operations, but as Pakistan Army is engaged, in this for last 1 decade so they are battle trained now.
Will developments in IRAQ have any bearing on Pakistan?
Developments in IRAQ will affect the whole world, since Pakistan army has launched operation ZarBeAzb in FATA this will minimize the effects of IRAQ development as we’ll get rid of militant groups specially Foreigners.
Would it be right to say as some circles in Pakistan suggest that Saudi Arabia and USA regime has used Pakistan and friendship with them has proven costly?
There is no question about it, Saudi Arabia and America are using Pakistan for their own interests, One may disagree with me but its reality. Starting from Z.A Bhutto till now all the leaders (except few) are just American pulpits.
A bit about yourself?
I am Maheen Jibran, Software Engineer by Profession, Blogger, Peace Activist and Philanthropist.
PTI once viewed as promising party is now viewed by many as a confused party. Your take?
With a 36% literacy rate common man cannot read the manifesto of any political party. PTI promised to initiate positive change, few think they didn’t succeed, but I think they are very much successful as change is a name of the process.

Critics of Imran Khan say he accepts results when he wins and calls it rigged when PTI Loses. Your take?
It’s a misconception Imran Khan won NA-1 Peshawar in General elections, but PTI lost that seat in By-Elections and Imran Khan accepted that. Neutral journalists never criticize him as they know Imran Khan is a man of principles.
Is Hazara and Shia killing neglected by Pakistan and PTI?
PTI & Pakistan don’t neglect the Shia Muslim killings, they condemn, and it was only PTI which took the names of the banned outfits involved in the killings of Shia Muslims.
Your ambitions ahead?
My Ambition is to alter the typical mindset of my people so that fake scholars cannot trap them.


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