Be Proud Of Who You Are: Payal Jaggi

Be Proud Of Who You Are: Payal Jaggi


(KMW Exclusive 2015 World Womens Day Interview)
Payal Jaggi, Well known Indian a seasoned Fashion & Home Stylist and kinche. com is an online private label that offers to the discerning few exclusive and exquisite home linens,women clothing, home decor and vintage items. kinche’s product line consists of handpicked and handcrafted one-of-a-kind items that exude class and contemporary sensibilities. kinche brings to you the best from across the world and enjoys confidence of its customers in US, Europe, Australia and ofcourse India.
In Kashmir Media Watch Exclusive Special Interview of World Womens Day, Payal Jaggi talks to our editor Rameez Makhdoomi

Rameez Makhdoomi : Tell us a bit about your childhood days?

Payal Jaggi : I had a normal child hood like any other average Indian family :). I was always a rebel everywhere at home, society etc.
Rameez Makhdoomi : How was Your academic life like?
Payal Jaggi : Normal & average – the usual graduation and Fashion Design Degree.
Rameez Makhdoomi : What is kinche all about?
Payal Jaggi : is an expression of creativity, things i like, i design and curate.
Rameez Makhdoomi : Where you always inspired by the world of fashion & home stylist?
Payal Jaggi: Plenty of things have inspired me to create and design. Any form which is beautiful, beautifies your surroundings be it writing, poetry, art, design, home decor etc.
Rameez Makhdoomi: Who is your role model?
Payal Jaggi: I aspire to be a better human being. That’s all.

Rameez Makhdoomi: You are also a dedicated philanthropist, what motivates u for same?
Payal Jaggi: I have always been an empathetic person, guess it comes naturally to women the way we are brought up. From taking care of younger sibling, to home and parents. Its imbibed in our system while growing up. I try and take out time to give back to society and people around who have helped me in their own ways to make me what I am today.
Rameez Makhdoomi : What message you have for women?
Payal Jaggi : Be yourself, defy boundaries, question everything before accepting, study/read, open your mind and be proud of who you are. One life!
Rameez Makhdoomi : Your future goals?
Payal Jaggi : Don’t have any goals as such, work, play and serve if I can, leave the world a tad bit better.


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