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Indian’s Unending Reign of Terror in Kashmir

  • April 8, 2019

By Dr. Arif Javid
Since last 71 yrs, Kashrniri people have been endeavouring for an end to India’s illegal and bloody occupation. Atrocities being inflicted by Indian forces on Kashmiris have increased manifold especially under the rule Hindu fundamentalist party BJP.
The amount of torture, killings and rapes perpetrated on Kashmiri people by Indian army personnel has already crossed all the thresholds of brutalities. Everyday incidents of gashing of eyes, chopping off vital body-parts, use of ever-new methods of persecution during unending curfews speak volumes for India’s state-sponsored violence on Kashmiris.
Even India-based HR watchdogs and some veteran politicians in India, are now fully convinced that grave acts of brutality are being committed by occupation forces in Kashmir. Recently, talking in a gathering org under aegis of Foreign Correspondents Club (FCC) South Asia, ex External affairs minister/BJP leaders Yashwant Sinha candidly acknowledgeed/termed India’s wrong policies in handling Kashmir as “bundle of confusion’. He also admitted that “India has lost people of the valley emotionally” owing to Modi’s doctrine of brutality to suppress Kashmiri people.
Despite complete closure of Kashmir for the foreign/ local human right watchdogs and international media, the sporadic clippings and footages expose the Indian army’s devilish acts of torture and carnage. As a rare show of moral support UNHRC, OHCRC, EUHRC and OIC’s HR set-up also issued reports in 2018 pointing out grave violations of human rights by the occupation forces in the valley.
On the other hand Indian media in league with Indian deep state, has been vociferously blaming Pakistan AF/ ISI for all the unrest in Kashmir. Removal of Hafiz Saeed’s name by US from its 2018-NDA list and his release orders by the Pakistani court, has further frustrated the Indian media to spit fire against Pakistan and commit more atrocities on Kashmiri Muslims.
To pay homage to the martyrs in Kashmir and determination to the struggle of Kashmiri people, “5th Feb” was observed with full support from GoP and Pakistani media. The hallmark was presence of Foreign Minister in London to lead the efforts of GoP at international level. Protests and seminars were organized by Kashmiris, and Pakistani Diaspora in Europe, North America and important capitals of the world.
India has been using the name of Pakistan Army and ISI as a scapegoat to divert attention of international media and human rights watchdogs from the carnage and violence being perpetrated by Indian forces in Kashmir.
The ongoing ‘Intifada’ is an entirely local uprising as a retaliation from the suppressed Kashmiris against Indian occupations spanned over 70 long years.
Under new BJP-Modi strategy being executed in Kashmir, a complete genocide of the Kashmiri people is being carried out to change the demographic structure of Kashmir in utter defiance of international human rights laws.
More bloodshed is feared in the days ahead due to use of brutal force and extra-judicial killings of innocent Kashmiris by Indian military.
Spill-over of purely indigenous freedom movement of Kashmiris to the other insurgency-infested states especially Khalistan, Mizoram and Assam is very much on the cards for India.
Pakistan has been officially observing ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ on 5th Feb every year since 1990 to highlight Indian brutalities in Kashmir after its unlawful occupation of the State of Jammu & Kashmir in 1947. Also highlight Pakistan efforts to apprise the international community and the concerned about the Indian suppressive activities.
Media may also proliferate the viral video of 22 year old pheran-clad young woman namely Ishrat Muneer Bhat (resident of Dangerpora, Pulwama district). Her bullet-riddled body was found in Sugan, Draggad village, Shopian district on 31 Jan. She was doing Masters at the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) and killed by the Indian agencies. Her killing is latest barbarity of the Indian agencies who are now also not sparing the women folk in their bloody game of taming Kashmiris.
The writer is a political analyst; views expressed by him are entirely his own.

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