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From Killings to Sham Elections

  • January 18, 2019

By Safi Nasim

Indian administered Kashmir (IaK) has been witnessing a cataclysm of event since the ouster of People’s Democratic Party (PDP)’s Mehbooba Mufti led coalition govt. and the imposition of Governor’s rule in June this year. In the same backdrop, Indian Governor for IaK Satya Pal Malik dissolved IaK’s so-called assembly. Reportedly, Ms Mufti wrote to the Governor for allowing her to form a coalition govt of PDP, National Conference (NC) and Congress. Respective strength of PDP (28), NC (15) and the Congress (12) is more than the required figure of 44 for formation of govt in Indian administered Kashmir (IaK). The development created panic in the BJP camp in centre and the assembly was subsequently dissolved to prevent any coalition govt against the party.

The dissolution of assembly paves the way for fresh elections in the state amid speculation that it could be held with the Indian Lok Sabha polls next year.

Reacting to abrupt dissolution of assembly, Ms Mufti remarked “Oddly enough our pleas fell on deaf ears. But who would have thought that the very idea of a grand coalition would give such jitters”. Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said that “It is clear that BJP’s policy is either we or nobody”. Former BJP leader and former Union minister Yashwant Sinha said “the dissolution of the assembly is the latest example of the BJP to not let anyone form the government even if that meant bypassing the Constitution”. BJP Ieadership in a tweet has said that “J&K needs a firm administration to deal with terrorism and not a combination of terror-friendly parties”.

BJP ‘s tweet and rumours of fresh election, amply expose the mala-fide intent of the party that IaK will remain a corner stone of BJP’s campaigns for next gen elections. BJP Leadership will harp “anti Pak” rhetoric and an alarming increase in the suppressive activities of Indian AF will be witnessed in the valley during this winter.

Moreover, IaK continue to witness spilling of more innocent blood of Kashmiri people as recently Indian troops martyred six Kashmiri youth in Islamabad district. According to media reports, the Indian troops killed the youth during a cordon and search operation at Sekipora in Bijbehara area of the district. The troops also destroyed a residential house in the area.

It has been observed that since killing of a senior state BJP leader and his brother in Kishtwar town, brutal activities of Indian LEAs have increased manifolds resulting in continuous cold blooded killings of Kashmiri people. To divert the attention of the world community, Indian deep state is conducting sham local bodies elections which have been boycotted by the people. Muslim majority areas have recorded lowest ever turnout which exposes the feelings of Kashmiri people against any political arrangement of Indian establish. Moreover, organizing sham LB elections in a period when the Governor rule is imposed and the so-called J&K state assembly is dissolved, are morally unjustified and expose the real (mala-fide) intents of BJP/Modi govt to dominate or overwhelm the area through crooked ways.

Since last yr, life in IaK has remained mostly paralyzed due to continual curfews. Besides the prolonged curfews, media blackout has also been imposed cutting off the communication channels of IaK. Indian forces continue to use stage managed incidents to kill Kashmiri youth and gag their voice / demand for right to self determination. An alarming frequency in such staged dramas has been witnessed these days as Indian media extends coverage to any activity to blame Kashmiri freedom activists and Pakistan and deflect the attention of the public from the brewing struggle of Kashmiri people.

It has been reported that Indian LEAs are extensively using chemical agents to cleanse the area during cordon and search ops. The chemical agent decomposes/destroys the human bodies beyond recognition. Moreover, Indian LEAs also use a mob disbursement gas (commonly known as Chilli Gas by Kashmiri locals) which creates gastrointestinal diseases leading to various types of cancer. The media while highlighting different instances of Indian brutalities in IaK, should generate discussions on the dissolution of the so-called IaK assembly and BJP maneuvrs to dominate the political landscape of the valley with trickery through “abrogation of 35A”.

The writer is a political analyst; views expressed by him are entirely his own.

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