Sincerity, not trickery, is what Kashmir needs

Sincerity, not trickery, is what Kashmir needs


The RSS-powered ruling dispensation in New Delhi has yet again shown how far removed it is from the ground realities in Kashmir. Now into its fourth year of power, BJP continues to remain ignorant of what is happening in Kashmir and is totally unwilling to learn.

Appointing former director of Intelligence Bureau as the chief interlocutor on Kashmir is yet another addition to a host of blunders it has been making since coming in power at the Centre with absolute majority and forming a coalition in the State with PDP. The very fact that the delegation is headed by an intelligence man makes the whole exercise a nonstarter and sends out an unsavoury message to the masses and the leadership in Kashmir as well. And what has made the matters worse is the various puerile and provocative statements that the chief interlocutor, Mr. Dineshwar Sharma, is putting out.

His utterances amply reflect his mindset, which is that of a spook and someone who is better equipped at handling security matters rather than sensitive political cases like the Kashmir crisis.

At a time when Kashmiris are willing to sacrifice their everything to get for their political aspirations, a calm and measured approach would have been a way forward rather than crude might and belligerent posturing and firing salvos that can further ruin the situation further.

New Delhi, even if it were sincere in its appointment of interlocutors, wouldn’t be doing Kashmiris any favour. New Delhi’s attitude smacks of arrogance and highhandedness, something that isn’t lost on Kashmiris. Decades of political crisis has sharpened Kashmiris as observers and they can see through any ruse. They can tell a genuine CBM from political trickery.

Sagacity has it that New Delhi approaches this burning crisis with an open mind and an intention to get at the root of the crisis, rather than giving it some superficial treatment or try to suppress the masses further.





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