Modi’s soft discourse on Kashmir

Modi’s soft discourse on Kashmir


With Kashmir sliding from bad to worse and killings, bloodbath becoming order of day many had not thought that Indian Prime Minister in his Independence day speech of 2017 ,his fourth as Prime Minister from ramparts of Red Fort Delhi would sound a softer , changed approach on Kashmir .

In a surprise to many , PM Modi said Kashmir problem cannot be resolved by bullets or abuses but by embracing the people of Kashmir.

Many in Kashmir are optimistic that this speech would be translated into action and especially the orders will pass on to end grave human rights violations and Government forces would shun habit of killing Kashmiri youth everyday.

Just in past few days we have seen increases instances of your getting killed in Government forces action .

The first step that would give this speech meaning is the ugly cycle of death would be put to end .

Following the first step, one hopes PM Modi would initiate a meaningful dialogue with the pro freedom leadership and Pakistan to find an amicable solution to this deadly conflict .

For the moment , right tones have been set one hopes it would be translated in to action .

We have to agree bullets , deaths won’t solve Kashmir but broad vision, dialogue with all stakeholders would.





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