1931, when the ‘colonizing Italians’ fail to control the revolutionary Bedouins of Libya, under the leadership of the great Mujahid ‘Shaheed Umar Mukhtar’ the 70 plus grand old Moo’min; Gen. Rodolfo Graziani, plays a tantrum of involving the Bedouin leadership into dialogues for the mere purpose of getting time for the arrival of large contingents and regiments of Italian troopers and arsenal from the backdoor and avoid further damage and destruction to their rule due to the guerrilla tactics by the pious Mujahedin and avoid a fiasco to the colonizing Superior civilization.
2010, Govt. of India despite their relentless efforts to curb and suppress the emotions of the people of a nation called J&K, fail badly in their vicious and vexed endeavours and ultimately appoint 3 biased, un-neutral and pre directed agents with defined objectives masquerading as interlocutors in order to virtually douse the flames of revolt and rebellion against their occupational and dictatorial regime to at-least some extent, in order to get time to bundle up the people especially youth, who dare to come out against them openly, to put them behind the bars ‘virtual concentration camps’ to languish there for periods unknown and dilute the atmosphere with their wolves in the garbs of men to falsely project contra effects to the international community, organizations and stake holders simultaneously.
At the same time the interlocutors give not even an iota of space and scaffold to let people of J&K consider them as neutral and interlocutors in the real sense, instead try and play to the hilt and the edge the part of their parent side India and letting the “INTER-LOCUTION” go to bananaz. All three of the interlocutors as far as my meetings with them maintain their three different stands with a single point of integration being inclination to India, thereby, manipulating and manoeuvring the feedback from the masses, viz:
D. Padgaunkar:-relates the problem to the feeling of alienation and subservience by Jammu and Ladakh to Kashmir province and Kashmiris, hence giving the conclusion of transfer of more stakes and power to Jammu and Ladakh regions, if this propaganda is left to be realized by the Kashmiris, their cause is going to suffer an irreparable loss and their voices and concerns are going to be lost forever into an unfathomable pit, under the shimmery cover of Jammu and Ladakh regions.
M.M. Ansari: – proving his week acumen and partial bent of mind claims the voter turnout as an answer to the ones claiming freedom, equating the two unrelated and unconnected issues.
Radha Kumar:- in a very polished and diplomatic way renders a deep gash in the bosom of a common Kashmiri by maintaining that the demand of freedom from the reins of India to be backed by a very few number of people having no substantial and real base at the ground level in reality.



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