Gilgit Baltistan Statehood Pros and Cons

Gilgit Baltistan Statehood Pros and Cons


Gilgit Baltistan State hood to be likely being granted by Pakistan is generating lot of heat and debate .
The Kashmir Resistance leadership has out rightly showed the resentment against the move with the Indian Government also criticizing the move. Many opine that with crucial China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) work in full progress the Chinese state wants some sort of final legal status to Gilgit Baltistan.
But, here in the conflict ridden Kashmir the resistance leadership is worried that once this happens the Indian government could do same for the Ladakh region and could plan some sort of other things for the Jammu region and thus the parameter of Kashmir conflict would be narrowed down to much smaller area.
Experts have also stated that with this the base of Kashmir dispute could get blasted as with GB as fifth province of Pakistan the UN Resolutions would lose validity and thus Kashmir issue would lose global steam.
But the situation is quiet trick for Pakistan as Gilgit Baltistan is in a way lifeline for Pakistan not only due to its highest mountain ranges but also on account of containing highest fresh water resources outside the Antarctica and the North and South Poles.
Undoubtedly, the decision whatsoever taken on the final status of Gilgit Baltistan would have far reaching consequences not just on the future of CPEC but entire realms of the Kashmir dispute .For the moment , the issue is bound to be talk of town.





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