Emergence of Pakistan

Emergence of Pakistan


Pakistan’s heft and its emergence not only as a regional power but also as a country that wields influence in the Muslim world and elsewhere cannot be ignored, especially by its archrival India, Despite a host of predicaments the nation had to face since its inception in 1947, it goes to Pakistan’s credit that it not only braved everything but also came out victorious on multiple fronts.

The unflinching commitment, grit and willingness to grow and emerge as a power is something that no other country in the world can rival Pakistan for, given the extreme oddities and vulnerabilities it had to face.
The new alliances Pakistan has been cultivating of late could, to a great extent, prove to be of immense significance as far as the geopolitics of the region is concerned. These alliance are also reflective of potential impact they can have on various regions of the world like Central Asia and Middle East.

CPEC, despite everything that its detractors threw in its way, is a reality that cannot be undone now. This massive project led by China gives Pakistan a great hope for its economic revival and should be seen as a game-changer in the region and beyond. Pakistan’s all-out war against fanatic forces is highly commendable and the country and its army deserve a big pat on the back to crush the murderous extremism that not only impacted Pakistan heavily but spread to various other parts of the world as well.

What we see now is a more assertive Pakistan that is coming out of the shadows of the United States and forging new bonds. A confident Pakistan that’s robust enough to stand up to its adversaries as also competent and useful enough to benefit its allies.





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