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  • March 8,2012

By Abdul Majid Zargar The Indira-Sheikh accord of 1975 is in news once again. Speaking on the sidelines of a […]

Asian Guard

  • January 29,2012

By: Azam Inqilabi On April 13, 1919 (Sunday) the British Commander General Dyer, while displaying imperialistic arrogance, ordered his soldiers […]

January 5th – Remembrance of Self-determination in Kashmir

  • January 6,2012

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai The status of Jammu and Kashmir has been in dispute between India and Pakistan since both […]

Are we at war?

  • December 3,2011

By Prof Ijaz Khan The killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers in a NATO attack on a Mohmand border post last […]

Lord Nazir Ahmed and issue of Kashmiri nationality

  • November 28,2011

Dr Shabir Choudhry Lord Nazir Ahmed knows how to stay in news. There are other Kashmiri and Pakistani Members of […]

Assault on the Founder of Pakistan: The Untold Conspiracy

  • November 17,2011

By Nasim Yousaf “… you have no evidence at all that this man [Jinnah’s assailant] is a member of that […]

Need of Conflict Resolution: Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai

  • October 28,2011

The issue of ‘Conflict Resolution’ is indeed a pertinent topic especially in this volatile world of ours. I would like […]

Kashmir in the Clutches of Flesh-trade: Muhammad Tauseef Mir

  • September 2,2011

The valley of Kashmir has always been referred to as the inn of saints and seers and is praised for […]

Despair lies under the facade of normalcy in Kashmir: Najeeb Mubarki

  • July 8,2011

Get them by their balls, hearts and minds will follow.” That lucidly sinister thought, emblazoned on the outer wall of […]

China emerging as global leader

  • March 13,2011

Before the partition of British India there were about a dozen provinces in British India, each locally ruled by a governor under the overall control of the British Viceroy. There were also some centrally administered territories. The British Crown also enjoyed a Paramountcy over six hundred odd princely states under a treaty between them and the government of British-India.

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