Thursday, 18 April 2019

India’s Fears

  • April 18,2019

By Safi Nasim New Delhi’s stern crackdown against resistance politics is yet another testimony to the fact that India has […]

More Responsibility on Ulema Post-Asia Bibi Acquittal

  • April 11,2019

By Dr. Arif Javid Supreme Court of Pakistan, after due process of Law, has acquitted Asia Bibi, a Christian woman […]

Indian’s Unending Reign of Terror in Kashmir

  • April 8,2019

By Dr. Arif Javid Since last 71 yrs, Kashrniri people have been endeavouring for an end to India’s illegal and […]

India’s Israeli Oppressive Tactics in Kashmir

  • April 6,2019

By Safi Nasim There is a co-relationship of Indian oppressive tactics in the Kashmir and war-like posture against Pakistan, as […]

Samjhauta Verdict: Travesty of Justice

  • April 4,2019

By Safi Nasim In a serious blow to justice-seeking voices in India, the acquittal of 200 Samjhauta Express bombing accused […]

Incredible and Shining India a Myth

  • March 29,2019

By Dr. Arif Javid Imagine a country where extremist parties (BJP and Sangh Parviar) got 72 villages (having a population […]

Persecution of Muslims and Dalits in UP

  • March 27,2019

By Safi Nasim Ever since Chief Minister Adityanath took over, the Uttar Pradesh police has been given free hand to […]

PTM a Substitute after TTP Failure

  • March 24,2019

By Safi Nasim Abrupt emergence of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) at a crucial time by hostile elements/countries, is aimed at […]

Pakistan’s Middle-Eastern Friends

  • March 15,2019

By Safi Nasim Pakistan’s strong multi-faceted ties with the Middle-eastern countries since independence is no secret. It has been on […]

Why Nepal Drifted Away From India

  • March 10,2019

By Safi Nasim India’s ugly designs in the neighbouring countries have led these countries to take appropriate steps to check […]

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