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Making SAARC work

  • April 8,2011

The organization has failed to sparkle so far only because of India-Pakistan enmity
These days the world tends think of Europe as a single entity — almost a state. That is because of the existence of the European Union which itself perpetuates the notion. It was not always so. If there was one thing, up until not too long, that the Europeans proved they could do better than anyone else in the world, it was kill each other. In the last century, well over 100 million people were died in wars and persecutions in Europe.

The Mohali spirit

  • April 1,2011

Despite little hope for major breakthrough, Singh, Gilani meeting marks a step forward
When Indian Premier Manmohan Singh and Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani shook hands at a cricket stadium in the northern Indian city of Mohali, it was not merely a photo-op but they were setting off yet another round of “cricket diplomacy” that marked a tentative return of good will. This is the third time the two nations are using the game to bridge their differences.

Wikileaks Shakes World

  • March 25,2011

Perhaps no organization in modern world has shaken the oppressive governments as much as WikiLeaks has and no other organization can claim to have effectively followed its official slogan to letter and spirit as wikileaks has through its exemplary work -“We open governments” the slogan of wikileaks has been perfectly been epitomized by wikileaks through its revolutionary acts that have shaken many repressive global regimes.

Weakened premier

  • March 23,2011

WikiLeaks revelations will only add to the woes of India’s Manmohan Singh
THE woes of India’s Congress and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh never seem to end. As if the numerous corruption scandals that have haunted the government in recent weeks and months were not enough, it has now been hit with the muck of WikiLeaks’ disclosures claiming the governing party bought opposition MPs in Parliament to win a crucial trust vote on the US nuclear deal in 2008.

Libya: UN move

  • March 20,2011

We should remember the no-fly zone did not stop the Srebrenica massacre in 1995 THE UN Security Council has passed […]

Nuclear concerns

  • March 18,2011

In the wake of Japan developments, there are worries about safety at Iran’s Bushehr Serious concerns have been raised about building standards and safety at Iran’s first nuclear reactor at Bushehr. In the wake of the disaster at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi reactor, they are valid concerns. The Japanese nuclear plant exploded as a result of the earthquake and tsunami last Friday.

Playing with fire

  • March 15,2011

Some banks spread stories about ‘unrest’ in the Kingdom with a hidden agendaAt the moment there are scare stories on a daily basis in the international press about the dangers for the world of regional unrest spreading in Saudi Arabia.

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