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Peace, Diplomacy needed

  • October 9,2016

Tensions between India and Pakistan are at all time high and have been rising since last month, when 19 Indian […]

Remembering Destitute on Eid

  • July 17,2015

Eid al Fitr is an important festival in the muslim world. At the end of Ramadan, Muslims all over the […]

Mantra of Revisiting Hartal Strategy

  • July 10,2015

Over the years Pro Freedom polity has seemed to stray away from its own set paradigms, and the doing away […]

Respect Environment

  • April 9,2015

Kashmir Valley has been now since long been in the grip of natural disasters especially the damaging floods and continuous […]

Effective Government yearning Masses in Kashmir

  • January 6,2015

Governance and those too effective governance methods are direly needed for development of not only people but entire paradigms of […]

Will Kashmir witness a NC-PDP Coalition in future?

  • July 8,2014

Politics is a game of dynamic changes within the realm of context and conditions. Jammu & Kashmir Polity has witnessed […]

PM Modi Maiden Visit to Kashmir (Analytical Kalidescope)

  • July 2,2014

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Jammu and Kashmir on Friday is seen as a tough political call as it […]

Boycott Toppers, Voting Toppers of Kashmir in Indian Parliamentary Elections 2014

  • May 7,2014

With the end of voting in Baramulla Parliamentary Polls the elections for Lok Sabha 2014 in Kashmir came to an […]

Incompetent religious Bodies

  • March 29,2014

Kashmir is the known world over as being land of great Saints, Sufis. It is bestowed with religious wealth in […]

Suffocating Kashmir

  • March 26,2014

Recently Kashmir witnessed another cold blooded murder when 18 year old Farhat Dar was killed in alleged police firing at […]

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