Thursday, 21 February 2019

Emergence of Pakistan

  • April 29,2018

Pakistan’s heft and its emergence not only as a regional power but also as a country that wields influence in […]

Start Dialogue

  • February 10,2018

As the number of casualties keeps getting higher and higher with no hope of peace in sight, one wonders what […]

Stop Bloodshed

  • January 11,2018

With the daily killings and bloodshed we witness, tragedy, death and destruction have become symbols of life in Kashmir. Day […]

SRO 525 Bereft of Wisdom

  • December 29,2017

On 26th December, an order was put out by the Governor’s office barring the government employees from posting updates on […]

India Pakistan need to learn

  • December 24,2017

India and Pakistan are the two important countries not only of of the Asian continent but world . India and […]

Sincerity, not trickery, is what Kashmir needs

  • October 30,2017

The RSS-powered ruling dispensation in New Delhi has yet again shown how far removed it is from the ground realities […]

Modi’s soft discourse on Kashmir

  • August 15,2017

With Kashmir sliding from bad to worse and killings, bloodbath becoming order of day many had not thought that Indian […]

Gilgit Baltistan Statehood Pros and Cons

  • March 19,2017

Gilgit Baltistan State hood to be likely being granted by Pakistan is generating lot of heat and debate . The […]

Inefficient Kashmir Bureaucracy

  • December 29,2016

Bureaucracy or the Civil Service plays an important part in progress of any place as it is the permanent and […]

Geelani Breaks Stalemate

  • October 28,2016

Hurriyat (G) in a statement today said that 3 members of the Indian delegation headed by Former External Affairs Minister […]

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