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People’s Political Party (PPP), Chairman, Hilal Ahmad War today led a peaceful demonstration in historical Maisuma which is the heart of the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir to register protest against unprovoked firing by J K Police on 5 teenagers of Maisuma who were playing carom board on Monday. Scores of people participated in the peaceful protest, sit-in Dharna and also offered afternoon prayers in the same historical Maisuma Chowk. Mr. War while addressing the people asked international community in general and United Nations in particular to intervene in Kashmir in order to save whole world from the likelihood of war because lingering Kashmir Dispute is a threat to International Peace and Security.  He further said that India should understand and acknowledge the sentiment of   masses of Kashmir who are out on the streets of Kashmir from past 3 months under the banner of Quit Kashmir Movement and resolve Kashmir problem at the earliest. He stated that if India will not take the sentiment of masses of Kashmir the violence will flare up in the length and breadth of Indian Soil.


Aug 27, 2010: Speaking ahead of the annual occasion scheduled for September 3, Ayatollah Mohammad Emami-Kashani called on Muslim nations to make a special effort to memorialize the Quds Day this year.

In August 1979, late founder of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini declared the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan as the Quds Day, calling for international rallies against Israel to show their solidarity with the Palestinian people.

“The demonstration and slogans chanted on the Quds Day reinvigorates the Palestinian nation and their cause,” IRIB news quoted Ayatollah Emami-Kashani as telling worshippers in the Iranian capital.

“(This demonstration) prevents the Palestinian nation from being swallowed by enemies who swallow nations and define everything by the means of threats, atomic weapons, force, hypocrisy and money,” added the cleric.

He further regretted the deadly flooding disaster in neighboring Pakistan, which he said has “devastated 75 percent of residential homes, schools, universities and roads, leaving the disaster-hit people in the worst conditions,” IRNA reported.

Ayatollah Emami-Kashani appealed to the Iranian people and other nationals around the world to mobilize their forces and join hands to facilitate relief work in Pakistan.



NEW DELHI: BJP on Friday demanded a statement from home minister P Chidambaram on a media report of a suspected Maoist allegedly sharing dais with Rahul Gandhi in Lanjigarh in Orissa and said government should come clean on the issue.

“This is a serious matter. This is how the government is proceeding in its fight against Naxals. While one of its ministers ( Mamata Banerjee) is speaking in Naxals’ favour. Now the crown prince (Rahul Gandhi) of Congress is sharing dais with a suspected Maoist.

“Government appears divided on the issue. It is totally unacceptable… home minister should clarify the matter. He must come clean and make a statement,” BJP spokesperson Prakash Javdekar told reporters outside Parliament.

Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari, however, downplayed the issue, saying that the import of Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Niyamagiri hills Thursday was to send a larger message outside to the indigenous people of India that their concerns were not unseen and unheard in the echelons of power.

“By making this point forcefully and articulately that he is the advocate of their interests in Delhi and they can get justice in the scheme of things within the India Constitution.. is a very strong and very sensitive message to the people, who were otherwise feeling they do not have a place in the national mainstream,” Tewari said.

According to a media report, Gandhi during his visit to Orissa, shared dais with a tribal leader, suspected to be a Naxal sympathiser.


New Delhi: India has suspended defence exchanges with China after Beijing refused a visa to an Indian army general from the Kashmir region, media reports said on Friday.

Army’s General Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Northern Area Command was denied visa because he was responsible for “disputed” region of Jammu & Kashmir, according to China.

“While we value our exchanges with China, there must be sensitivity to each others’ concerns. Our dialogue with China on these issues is ongoing,” External Affairs Ministry spokesman said in a statement.

The Chinese have been in recent times refusing to paste visas on the passports of residents of J&K, instead they were stapling these.

India has strongly protested this practice since the government refuses to recognize stapled visas as valid travel documents.