Thursday, 18 April 2019

About Us

Kashmir Media Watch (launched on 12 March, 2010), a pioneer among news portals in J&K, owes its origin to the idea that an unbiased, impartial and objective reporting on Kashmir is posted out to readers worldwide who want to remain updated on what is happening in Kashmir. We keep giving our readers updates 24×7 on what’s happening in the state, India, the Subcontinent and other parts of the world.

KMW offers reportage, analysis, opinions, interviews, views, reviews and a lot more.
It contains everything unreported by local, Indian and international media.

KMW is a one-stop portal on Kashmir owing to its extensive coverage of events with details from ground zero.

In addition to giving out news that our highly professional bunch of journalists work on, we also post detailed commentary on Kashmir events which goes beyond the news.

Since Kashmir is a conflict zone, the focus on human rights scenario is one of our objectives.

Exclusive columns and interviews of the people who matter vis-a-vis Kashmir are regularly carried as also the views and opinions of the common Kashmiris.

A massive photo gallery is meant to give our esteemed readers the visual impact of what is going on in Kashmir.